Covid-19 Update: Respect 90 Increasing Efforts to Support Vulnerable Families

May 7, 2020

By Respect 90 Foundation



Joe and Jaye Maddon founded the Respect 90 Foundation in 2015 with a focus on helping at-risk families in the communities the Maddons call home. At no time, did any of us feel the call to help would be so great as it is now. During this time, it is important to stay positive as we make our way through this pandemic. We will get through this and it will be with each other’s support.

Respect 90 will be increasing its efforts to support vulnerable families during these uncertain times. As a Foundation, our board has approved donations totaling $120,000 to three incredible charities located in Hazleton, PA, Tampa, FL and Orange County, CA.


1. The Hazleton Integration Project. Joe’s hometown of Hazleton, PA has been a hotspot for the COVID-19 virus. Hazleton is located in Luzerne County and claims roughly 10% of the county’s population, but approximately 88% of the county’s novel coronavirus cases. Food shortage for at-risk families is at a critical stage. Respect 90’s donation will go toward funding the HIP food distribution network open to all citizens.

2. Metropolitan Ministries of Tampa. The shelter has been serving children and at-risk families in the Tamp Bay area for nearly 50 years. They are presently providing emergency meals and funding to families most affected by the COVID-19 virus. Respect 90’s donation will go toward funding Metropolitan Ministries family food boxes.

3. WomenShelter of Long Beach. Since 1977 the WomenShelter of Long Beach has helped thousands of families overcome the trauma caused by domestic abuse. The funds from Respect 90’s donation will be used to support the many victim services that WSLB provides which, due to the current crisis, has become increasingly difficult.


To our donors, friends and followers, we thank you for your support and hope you will join us in our mission to give back to those who need us most.